Monday, June 28, 2010


Why are we so hell bent on trusting someone else's version of truth? Why is it we believe God said, "let us create man in our image," yet, worship a savior, which is his only begotten son, who doesn't resemble us in any way? Every people, with a religion, has a god in their image until it comes to the hue-man. Why is this? We are presented with one supposed episode in the bible where our pigmentation is a curse (one of those revisions) and that's ok? Do we ever stop to consider the other episodes there starting with moses being told by God to put his hand in his bosom and he pulls out a white hand? A white hand turns into a white hand? Makes sense, huh? When leprosy is mentioned we mentally envision sores, right? wrong! We're told God is not bias. Yet, the bible says he loved Jacob and hated Esau FROM THE WOMB.It says he has a chosen people(matt15:24) and he told exactly how he would and did deal with us. I say has because I haven't seen any place where this claim was negated. Are we listening? The moment the phrase, "what would Jesus do?" was coined all imagined dependency upon the Preacher that's leading us in circles should have ceased since,we are each endowed with attributes of God.Really what does the preacher have that we don't? Knowledge? We have the bible. Wisdom? We have God. BTW,you live. You die. Then what? Do we honestly believe we are going someplace beyond the skies to sing hallelu...yah for eternity? Heck we can't even stand doing the same thing over and over right now.LOL We look on life as a gift. The bible says the wages of sin is death.
Out of all things in heaven and on earth Solomon asked for wisdom not belief, not faith, not to join him in heaven but, wisdom. Why? There are more than 2000 versions of the bible proclaiming one truth. Truth is truth and needs no revisions. Either something is or it isn't. Why go to a building once a week to praise a God that is supposedly with you constantly? God says rest on the seventh day and keep it holy. Why do we look at a calendar that starts with sunday being day one yet, it is the day of worship? The bible says study to show yourself approved. I try to do this. Thus far, I've encountered a virgin birth at least 1500 years before Jesus, 32 more commandments in addition to the ten moses presented STRAIGHT FROM GOD, known as negative confessions, a trinity consisting of a she, he, and child. My mind tells me if I were to rely on belief, go with antiquity. After all the bible was compiled from it just presented in a way intended to enslave rather than liberate. Half truth is no more than a lie by omission. in seach of truth. holler back at me if you so desire. L.O.V.E.