Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It would help if those who present the news, under the guise of doing a service for the public, would stop and consider the harm they may be doing one human soul before they entertain the world. Case in point, Michael Jackson. Consider, if you can't say something positive say nothing. Why do you think God's word says silence is golden or do unto others as you would have them do unto you? If you are not an eyewitness then, you are only an opinion (no mistake). Opinions cause confusion and chaos. Did anyone stop to consider the damage their words could have on Michael's children? Did they step into his shoes or his children's shoes? What would they want their family to hear about them? Did they just think, "they'll get over it", or what?

Does everything reduce to entertainment and the dollar? If $'s had never entered the equation in that case against Michael, truth would have prevailed. There never would have been an accusation. The world knows it.

Why not focus less on entertaining and more on reporting facts (not insinuations), if that is their mission, and omit the snide derogatory comments about a person/any person? What they say impact many souls. Let he without sin cast the first stone and judge ye not are universal spiritual laws.

WE ARE THE WORLD if we stopped viewing what then? Sure there will be lost souls that will continue to patronize but, what is that worth if you lose your soul?

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