Sunday, December 27, 2009

Response to Media Hype

This is in response to, Will You Read newly released report of mj molestation charges. First I say h... no and anyone who feels him will say the same. Michael needs no validation from simpleminded mortals. His life more than exemplifies his spirit. Can you say the same? What is being written of him is mere speculation. The writers are incapable of presenting facts for they are not in possession of them. At least you could get his age correct...God. When did a couple of accusations become several? You may think this is irrelevant but, it diminishes your credibility as an honest reporter.

Oh gee, a 32 year old actress just died of cardiac arrest. How did media report/portray it? natural causes..duh? Like it's natural to drop dead of cardiac arrest at 32 but, not at 50? accidental overdose? no biggie, low keyed. bias or what? I say leave Michael ALONE. with L.O.V.E

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