Monday, February 15, 2010

We Are the World Remake

From the World

Coming from the heart of the matter. What have you done? this is a song that addreses all the problems of the world, why tamper with it? How old is the American anthem with all its pretentious idealisms? Did it ever occur to you to reword, edit, upbeat, hip-hop,or modernize its lyrics or tempo? We are the world was Michael's/Lionel's contribution to humanity. it still touches every gender, race, color, age,creed, and nationality.

If you wanted to touch hearts for Haiti, the original version would have sufficed with your speech injected at the end,as done here. Vocally it doesn't come close to the real song emotionally or spiritually. it looks as though God is still shining on Michael. But, this is just my opinion. You say you did it for Haiti,I for one have my doubts. With all that talent why not just create another song? How many entertainers were a part of this show? Can any one of them, at this moment, give account to the world either humanitarily or monetarily one-tenth of what Michael selflessly gives?

Including Michael in the remake? Duhhh, Sweetness, that is neither a gesture of respect or tribute, it was essential. Before now I would say the message was Michael and Lionel now it seems Lionel has jumped ship. His reasons or explanations or not justifiable. How do you fix something that is not broken? How can you improve perfection? But, hey that's ok! Michael, no doubt, sees the humor in this and is saying to all of you, well done my loyal and faithful friends, it's all for love, L.O.V.E I SAY SHAME ON YOU

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  1. we are the world,so lets start healing,and stop killing it.
    take a good look at yourself,and there will be no room left for judgement of others.
    as we should all remember the saying.
    (he without sin toss the first stone)
    careful you might knock yourself out.