Sunday, August 21, 2011

michael thumb up

MJ's thumb up for love L.O.V.E. I am reflecting on Justice4MJ. Michael was all about healing the world. I can't perceive justice and love in the same arena. Love to my understanding is unconditional, without strings, and forgiving.Vengeance is mine said the Lord. We all have our roles to play out on this stage called life. No one can foresee the outcome. We make, create or are presented with options. Sometimes that choice to the left may be our only means to salvation. All our proclamations of self-righteousness does not guarantee we've made the mark. Not one of us was there and are only aware of what the media has presented. I hear Michael's words resounding every single day, "Just because you see it on tv or read it in the newspaper doesn't make it true, it's all garbage!" Though I placed this in quotes; i am unwilling

to say i quoted him accurately. If not an eye-witness, you could very well be assisting in turning lies into presumptuous truth. Is this what Michael wants? I was never a fan, never saw or met him, but I've purchased his music, book of poetry, memoirs, and authors who are objective and conscientious, post June 25, 2009. I have become quite affected by his persona. From the first interview, lyric, and poem I was utterly touched to my core. Even up to today I can't wait to get to my laptop in search of this soul. A closed casket, changing stories, and discrepancies do not render closure. Michael said they hadn't expected him to outsmart them. (who?) (how?)

health conscious+drugs= illogical propofol+sleep= irrational drugs for medical problem-research=ignorance Michael is not illogical, irrational, nor ignorant. He is very much aware of what his name signifies. When wronged he rebounds with love. This is not to say blind to reality or truth. It mean to live the universal laws with our eyes wide open. Let us not be as the executioner who derives pleasure from his appointment. It's in the Lord's hands leave it there or don't we beLIEve? With love L.O.V.E.
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