Saturday, October 8, 2011


Why the hell can't the media report THE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH so help you GOD? HELLO, you may truly not have a clue, but the world (I mean the world that matters in the scheme of life) is not entertained by your performances. I refuse to believe that you don't understand that constantly attempting to tear apart a person's character, integrity, and heart is a spiritually healthy thing to do. Then, I suppose you think spirit has nothing to do with you and your goals in life. We are here to make existence meaningful and better. That premise is not accomplished by degrading and defaming anyone. Mr. Michael Joe Jackson was found "NOT GUILTY" in a court of law. I understand that some are committed to your holier than thou opinions, but opinions are not facts. You try to justify your defamatory remarks with little trivial confessions of personal indiscretions of your own. That's like calling apples oranges. How often do you go around in your daily lives singing a constant song I AM A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC/ADDICT? Come on now, you know exactly what I am saying.

How concerned are you about children and their mental stability? One breath you voice concern and the very next you defame the one person they look up to. We can only come to the conclusion that you have deviant ulterior motives or personal issues that need to be spiritually addressed.
There is no need to continually mentally bully the world into accepting your BIAS opinions about Mr. Michael Joe Jackson. At this point, no news would be good news from the aspect of what you present as news

The law of the universe is cyclic, what goes around comes around. We must be mindful how we treat each other. Even from the perspective of your opinion you are clearly not operating from the notion of forgiveness. What is that about? Ask yourself that.

The matter at hand is supposedly a murder and to some minute extent a semblance of what is considered justice, in these United States. It would be appreciated if YOU guys would get down to the business of the true meaning of JOURNALISM, not entertainers marketing SCUM. The ripples you are creating in OUR life-force is definitely negative and we are displeased.

Thank you in advance if you consider seeking glory in a more pleasing and spiritual manner.

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