Sunday, October 30, 2011


First let me say, DR ARNOLD KLEIN SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE WITNESS STAND. He is capable of interviewing, but not present evidence? This is just more sleazy manipulation and public bullying. IF he was treating Michael Jackson in April, May, and June his testimony is not only a pertinent, but a crucial factor same as Cherlyn Lee's. How do you justify putting a nutritionist on the stand opposed to a dermatologist who administers a controlled substance? WTH is going on here? But, we don't see that elephant do we? There are those that know and those that don't. It is obvious what camp the public is assigned, unless we are awake enough to attempt to assess the info presented. There of course, will be those who think this has nothing to do with them or they are too drugged by media to even care. You know like the media said it so,bam, book closed. Let me say, whatever happens in the life-force affects each and every one of us. For too many of us the wise saying, "MAN KNOW THYSELF", goes unheeded. There will be those that don't want to know and that is certainly their prerogative be it wise or no. There is one certainty here and that is, this is not about justice. Though it may well be about, JUST US. It IS a rewind that tape to 2005. It is see it through media eyes. It is NIGGER (NIGAH, NGAH) enter through the back door. i.e., first day of trial one of the media whores of BABYLON made a snide remark about it not being an issue because of the victim and the accused both being black. PEOPLE, wake up and see this for what it is. We as humans are not qualified to judge anyone, especially with anything less than facts. Let he without sin cast the first stone. Something the media's fans and the media have chosen to ignore. Put the truth to the sticking post and let the arrows fall where they may. In the trial, defense tried to introduce some valid innuendoes, thati pray don't go unnoted. Since the intent is to portray Michael in a negative light then why not expose all those involved? Let's explore a few smoke screens in no particular order of significance, Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega, Paul Gongaware, Frank Dileo and any other self-serving entities that did not have Michael's best interest at heart. You may say it was not their responsibility, but I beg to differ. CASE SCENARIO: THEY all viewed Michael as THEIR cash cow, who doesn't take care of a cash cow, even if in the end it is headed for the slaughter house? Michael was the boss, had the last word, and was the innovator, though each of the above tried to defrock, discredit, or degrade him on at least one point, while on the witness stand. With friends like these who needs enemies? You have to not only listen to what they say, but also the tone in which they say it. They are all guilty to some degree.
The world on a whole is not as dumbed down as those who think they are in power think it is. YOU may think we are hoodwinked by YOUR antics, but we are not. This is TRUTH or DARE and there is nothing greater than TRUTH, not lies, not innuendoes, not opinions, nor assumptions. So get over it when it is all said and done, on the human level, MICHAEL J JACKSON will remain INVINCIBLE and will never enter YOUR back door. He wil forever stand tall and reap the benefits of his PREMISE, LOVE. The WORD says LOVE conquers ALL. AMEN


Slights noted: charge=insult to injury, credits stolen: DOME PROJECT

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